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01. What Is Your Performance By Default?
02. What Is Your Prescription For Success?



Job Performance Enhancement Mastery (JPEM) is the juice distilled from decades of experience of interacting, guiding, teaching, training and mentoring students and personnel from the mid and senior echelons of Management. The Student will learn about the critical knowledge areas and skills—technical, hard, and soft—which are imperative for performing at the highest levels. Anchored by the foundational pillars of TRP (Translation From Resource to Performance), The Complete Manager, The Meeting Jockey, HRCI and Riyaaz, the Student will progressively gain mastery over a wide range of knowledge and skill sets including workplace Communication Skills, Public Speaking, Brainstorming and Meeting Productivity, Numbers Orientation, Management Reports, Compiling the Business Plan, Process Mapping, Mastering the Keyboard and many others. Assurance of High-Quality Performance delivered in the minimum possible time, Personality Development and Self Assertiveness are what the committed student must achieve. JPEM will provide the student with the design of a lifelong prescription for success at the workplace. The Winner today is not the one who does the work well—but the one who does it very quickly and effectively without any compromise on quality; high productivity makes the difference. 





19 Sessions | 2 Hours 40 Mins


Select Skills -I

88 Sessions | 7 Hours 40 Mins


Select Skills -II

98 Sessions | 10 Hours 40 Mins





Asked Questions.

JPEM has a 2 pronged strategy – 1. Orienting you to a positive and systematic mindset which strives to make you design a Self-Prescription, which is your contract with yourself. You will then walk a pre-determined path in a committed manner – HRCI and Riyaaz are foremost in this. 2. Learning 15+ skills which are vital to take your personality to a different orbit, and making you an outstanding performer. The above approach ensures that you have a 360 degree movement whereby you acquire and update relevant knowledge and also practice the skills to implement the knowledge. By this methodology, JPEM is committed to make you an Outstanding Performer at your workplace.

JPEM combines coaching and training disciplines in one course. While JPEM evaluates and reorients your mindset which affects you behaviourally like a Coach does, it also imparts a host of critical knowledge and skills which a trainer would impart. You therefore have a confluence of coaching and training elements in the JPEM course.

JPEM is a strong Performance Catalyst for both mid and senior level managers, including those in the apex level – as the knowledge and skills are common and vital to these levels. Also, a strong aspirant such as a Student pursuing a professional business related course can substantially gain by building a strong JPEM foundation in his/her arsenal of knowledge and skills.

The JPEM course covers more than 200 videos spanning more than 23 hours of viewing time. Students are advised to revisit and thereby reinforce the learnings therefrom. Particularly in respect of some of the capsules such as Communication Skills including Public Speaking, Spreadsheet Skills, Business Plan, Dissecting Financials, Keyboard Familiarity etc., we have observed students accessing the videos repeatedly. Additions and revisions in course content are frequent. Your subscription is for a period of 6 months which can be extended. Our experience tells us that most of the successful participants have covered the course in under 2 months, after which they revisit and practice in the ensuing months

There are 3 Master Modules which impart Knowledge and 15+Skill Sets, which are explained in detail in Master Module I Introductory Video. When combined with personal live coaching/training with Ajoy Basu, you will have a comprehensive learning experience of JPEM.

There are 60+ spreadsheet skills, most of which are advanced, which are practically demonstrated in videos of Master Module III. Practice sheets are provided with the course, which can be downloaded. We strongly advise that the Participant practices these skills regularly and integrates it as an essential part of his/her Riyaaz, practicing atleast 15 of them every day. With the habit cultivated, you will be able to summon the relevant spreadsheet function instantaneously for immediate deployment.

Master Module II has a lot of material on communication which covers word power, sentence power, construct of the sentence, pronunciation, punctuation, voice modulation, public speaking etc. Learning therefrom and repeated viewing will be a transformative and reinforcing exercise. The Participant will have further access to videos on “Select Words, Phrases, and Sentences for Effective Communication” which Ajoy Basu frequently and regularly uploads from time to time, this ensures that the learning is continual.

Master Module II will introduce you to the concept and essence of  “Meeting Jockey” and the practical application of it. In time, as you progress to become a “Meeting Jockey”, you will become a confident and valuable participant at the Meetings, as also a vital catalyst which would increase the productivity of meetings manifold.

Master Module III has a lot of material on Numbers Orientation and Financial concepts. 60+ Spreadsheet formulae and functions, Dissecting Financial Statements, MIS, Preparing the Business Plan –  mastering these capsules will enable you to become proficient in the grasp of financial concepts and appliable numbers orientation.

JPEM recognizes that a mid to top level functionary of the corporate world needs to be well versed in the actual preparation of the Business Plan. The capsule on “Learn to Prepare a Business Plan” has a practical exercise on the projection of financials which is so critical to the actual building of a Business Plan. Once the rudiments are imbibed and the application practiced, the Participant would be able to get on to bigger and more complex models of the Business Plan.  

In Master Module III, JPEM will introduce you to a comprehensive Legal Evaluation Checklist and train you in deploying and using the tool for analyzing legal documents, the type of which can be referred to you for perusal. The step-by-step delineation of the process will enable you to grasp and develop the ability to screen legal documents.

In Master Module I (in the Interview Series) and in Master Module II (Meeting Jockey) you will be trained in designing and using the “Decision Matrix” which is a proven tool for decision making in complex situations – which are characterized by multiple factors (sometimes 30-50)  for evaluation, each factor carrying its own discretionary weight, awarding marks to each of these factors, and then progressing to compute one index that embodies the product of all these factors with their respective weights. It is a fascinating tool which will greatly enhance your ability to evaluate and decide in complex situations. The Meeting Jockey is inextricably linked to the Decision Matrix.

In JPEM, we believe that proficiency at the Keyboard, whereby you need not routinely look at the keyboard, except for punching on special keys, greatly enhances not only your productivity but also the deployment of your creative and intellectual juices. In Master Module I, we have explained the “Keyboard Familiarity Guide” which with practice will enable you to master the Keyboard in a very short period of time. Once you are able to type from A to Z and Z to A without looking at the keyboard, the Keyboard becomes an extension of you, and you will never find yourself disrupted when working at the computer – it will no longer be a pain in the neck or for that matter an impediment to your focal attention.

A minimum of 30 minutes a day to about 2 hours. A lot of Riyaaz can be done in tandem with other tasks such as when you are working out on your treadmill (you could keep your book/pad on the reading stand), while watching TV, while travelling etc. Do remember to put your Self Prescription in place which is at the heart of Riyaaz. Over time, you will modify the composition of your Riyaaz and also the minutes that you allocate for each of the items in it.

A JPEM Course Completion Certificate” is provided on a request made by the Participant after completing the course.

In conjunction with the subscription to the online course of “Job Performance Enhancement Mastery”, you can choose to have personal coaching/training by Ajoy Basu at pre-determined timings. On our website we have provided a Form which you can fill up to requisition such services, after which we will respond with the slot availability and fee chargeable for the personal sessions with Ajoy Basu.



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Job Performance Enhancement Mastery

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