Ajoy Basu

Corporate Trainer.
Professional Accountant. Company Secretary.

A winner is not the one who completes his work. A winner is the one who completes it efficiently – fast, correctly, confidently.



Ajoy Basu.

I am a Professional Accountant and Company Secretary, I advise corporates, including multinationals, in a variety of management functions involving strategy, formulation of the business plan, brainstorming and conducting management reviews, audit and due diligence, designing the MIS, and evaluating candidates for positions in middle and senior management. I am a Trainer with exposure at different levels – from a lecturer under the Mumbai University, Corporate Trainer, Mentor to CEOs, Directors and Managers, and as a respected Faculty for over 14 years for the CPA course of the USA.

I have trained students for debates and elocutions, some of whom have gone on to win championships at the University Level. Based in Mumbai, I have interacted with a wide spectrum of people ranging from students, executives and managers whether as a Business Consultant, Teacher, Trainer or Interviewer. After years of attending workshops and training programmes on motivation, personality development, career development and specific skill sets, I felt that though most of them did inspire and motivate me, especially during the tenure of such workshops or soon thereafter, they did not linger for long.




Ajoy Basu.

Somehow, the learning did not perpetuate and I was soon trying to figure out how much of real capital I derived from them. It did not take long for me to realise that what was missing in these workshops was that they did not provide Application Tools which one could practice going forward. To progressively grow in your delivering capability , there needs to be a routine which you need to incorporate in your life – a routine that will regularly, systematically upgrade your keyboard familiarity, pronunciation, word power, sentence construction, spreadsheet skills, rapid reading, ability to compile the Business Plan, MIS etc. Small doses of practice built on sustained belief, woven into the lifestyle of the participant, is what makes that vital difference to your personality, your being.

These Application Tools are concise, easy to understand and use – and with regular practice become a
part of your vital arsenal of skills, ready to be deployed instantly.