CEOs/Managers will be able to acquire vital TRP skills that will enable them to be 2-5 times more productive in their work performance.

TRP Skills are catalytic in that they can unlock the value that lies within the Performer. Often, the Performer has the repertoire of core knowledge in finance, engineering, accounting, taxation etc. etc. as he tackles various business situations. But, knowledge needs to be exercised through techniques and application tools. TRP Skills, regularly practiced, provide a series of Application Tools which can be readily deployed in different situations. As the Participant in my workshop discovers, the TRP Skills are complementary and can be selectively applied in regular work. situations.

Management Students

The Management Student can imbibe the TRP Skills early in life and blend it with his core business learning to develop a very Efficient Delivering Capability.

Many a time, when I interview fresh business school graduates for positions in industry, I can gauge the lack of application skills which impairs their productivity quotient. TRP skills get strengthened with regularity of practice, and over time become a natural component of the person’s overall ability. These skills, acquired early in life, can radically alter the student’s capability to communicate, compute, assimilate, recall, compile business projections, MIS etc.

These skills, otherwise, in most cases tend to be acquired through experience gained over a number of years. My workshops provide the opportunity for the Participant to quickly learn the required skill dynamics and the way they can apply them to real life situations.

Heads of Family Businesses

The years of practice, consultancy and training have given me an insight into the dynamics of functioning of a family run business in the SME Sector. A family run business is typified by the quick pace and flexibility of decision making, centralized management and the need for progressive professionalism particularly as it scales up in growth.

The Sole Proprietor, Managing Partner or the Managing Director often would not have a stimulating environment wherein he can interact with peers or with professionals who would provide him with different ideas, perceptions whereby he can look through a different prism at his own business. His growth in terms of knowledge enhancement, skills development, familiarity with contemporary management techniques of brainstorming, compilation of the business plan, spoken and written communication, MIS, management reviews, spreadsheet skills etc gets compromised leading to a conspicuous gap in his profile and overall personality. The problem is acute when he is not a part of a learning forum and is not proactive to acquire skills. This deficiency counts as it progressively manifests into a lurking doubt about one’s own capability to drive the organization and whether he can provide the right image as a leader to his team.

I have interacted with scions of business families and imparted TRP skills which over a period of time, with sustained pursuit, have enabled them to progressively gain in confidence – eventually manifesting into much higher self esteem and acceptance by the team, the industry and the society.

The family run businesses form a distinct segment of my clientele, and I have designed and conducted programmes specially to address their specific needs.


30 minutes of “Riyaaz” a day substantially enhances your ability to understand, memorize and recall vital text and numerical rapidly. “Riyaaz” of TRP Skills is a proven tool for self empowerment



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