Meeting Jockey

Who is a"Meeting Jockey"?

The Meeting Jockey is an Executive who in a meeting:-

  • proactively catalyses the proceedings
  • concurrently documents the discussions - intelligently
  • steers the discussion with moderation
  • ensures that the call of the issue is always live and objectively dealt with
  • enables focussed decision making
  • enables judicious expending of meeting time

What is the modus of functioning of a"Meeting Jockey"?

  • In the conference room, he handles the Computer - with projection made directly on the big screen
  • He lines up the Agenda at the beginning
  • He intelligently documents points of view during the discussion
  • He steers the meeting through a logical course, and is smart enough to deviate if it brings value
  • Senses the closure of a matter and the opportunity to crystallise and document a decision
  • Finalises the minutes, copies of which are mailed to the participants

Which are the skills/qualities required of a"Meeting Jockey"?

  • Very Strong Keyboard Skills - has to keep pace with the speed and diversity of discussions
  • Strong Written Communication - Errors will be visible and will distract
  • Strong Spoken Communication - pleasant and persuasive
  • Prowess in operating the spreadsheet
  • Good understanding of Financial Management concepts
  • Understanding of mechanism of the Business Plan and MIS
  • Good understanding of Operations, Business and HR
  • Legal orientation
  • Acceptance by Senior Management - should command respect
  • Trustworthiness - inside secrets need to be guarded
  • Excellent Temperament

The most common sense filled workshop I attended in the recent past. The concept of Meeting Jockey is really good and will definitely help in making meetings more productive.

Sandhya Iyer-Bhide
Chief Alpha, Alpha One Consultants.



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