Complete Manager

The “Complete Manager” is a “Performer Extraordinaire” replete with 15+ TRP Skills which enable him to seamlessly translate his/her Core Knowledge into Extraordinary Performance on a consistent basis. The “Complete Manager” has a repertoire of skills which he can draw upon and instantly deploy. The sustained pursuit of “Riyaaz” ensures that the skills are practiced on a regular basis and honed up for operational readiness. Lack of TRP Skills makes a Manager’s performance severely compromised. The spectrum of TRP Skills covering select technical, communication, retention, recall and personality development skills ensure that the Manager has an all round capability to deliver – rapidly and confidently.


Meeting Jockey

Be the Champion who drives meetings – who will be most important catalyst - making your meetings, brainstorming, management review sessions 2-3 times more productive and objective. A Sure Winner at Corporate Meetings.

The Big Picture

A vital Decision Making Tool that enables you to consider all key dynamics in the frame of reference so that a holistic evaluation is made. Makes your decision making scientific, participative and well deliberated.

Cash Management Tool

An indispensable Cash Forecasting Tool that enables you to be in control of the operating solvency of your business – so that any diversion of your working capital triggers a preventive response.


A simple format which should be used in recasting the figures in a Balance Sheet and Income Statement to understand where the entity really stands or does not stand. A must for every Business Participant who needs to get a true insight of the financial standing of his/her business.

Advanced Excel Proficiency

Use of functions/features such as Advanced Filters, XIRR, Index-Match, Lookups, Pivots, Goal Seek, Sumifs, Sumproduct, Rank, If, Conditional Formatting, Macros, Cell Protection, Compounding, Present Value etc. etc. can radically enhance your proficiency at numbers orientation – so crucial a business skill.


You will be able to design an MIS which will enable you to look at the entity in a holistic perspective. You will see how the MIS captures various operating functions in its fold.

Business Plan

Discover the Visionary, Strategist and Planner in you! You would understand the Business Plan, but how do you compile one? The compilation part wherein you put together a set of prospective financial statements – the Balance Sheet, the Income Statement and Cash Flow will be practically demonstrated and a project based exercise will be carried out. The ability to actually put together a set of Prospective Financial Statements is a Key Skill which any Business/Corporate Leader should necessarily have. In the higher echelons of management, this skill in a Performer indicates a marked ability to visualize and document the shape of things to come – both in the near and distant future.

Keyboard Proficiency

If you are slow at the Keyboard you may be 2-3 times slower than someone for whom the keyboard is an extension of his/her self. My specially devised Keyboard Familiarity Guide will train you to master the Keyboard as a traditional typist would.

Legal Orientation

A comprehensive Legal Checklist which will help you to effectively read legal documents and help evaluate them for relevance, completeness and adequacy.

Internal Control and Process Mapping

The Control Environment and Control Activities are critical for the efficiency and effectiveness of the business. Process Mapping and Documentation integrated with Effective Internal Control ensures operational clarity and dependability.

The most common sense filled workshop I attended in the recent past. The concept of Meeting Jockey is really good and will definitely help in making meetings more productive.

Sandhya Iyer-Bhide
Chief Alpha, Alpha One Consultants.



30 minutes of “Riyaaz” a day substantially enhances your ability to understand, memorize and recall vital text and numerical rapidly. “Riyaaz” of TRP Skills is a proven tool for self empowerment



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