translation from resource to performance

Are you intelligent but an under performer?
Are you knowledgeable but an under performer?
Are you sharp but an under performer?
Are you an under performer?

Like many, many others you too could be lacking TRANSLATION SKILLS. Our research tells us that like MANY OTHERS, YOU TOO could be operating at 1/3rd or even less of your potential as an Executive Performer
“Translation From Resource to Performance” represents Practical Workshops which strive to transfer to the attending participant an arsenal of skills - which are vitally linked to extraordinary performance, irrespective of the age, background, knowledge and intelligence of the participant. These are SKILLS identified and tested for relevance through empirical research by Ajoy Basu, and presented in a format that a participant can easily assimilate.

We have identified 15+ skills/attributes, acquiring which can catapult you to become an Outstanding Performer in your Organization, in Life.. Our workshops empower by instilling in you the ability to translate from Thought to Performance in a mellifluous cycle harnessing Computing Skills, Memory Aids, Rapid Reading and Communication Prowess; training you to compile Business Projections and a holistic MIS, seeing the Big Picture with all relevant variables in your frame of evaluation (so that the decision is not incorrectly based on less relevant factors); and training you in the nuances of Management Reviews and Brainstorming to achieve optimum results.

Acquiring these skills can progressively convert you into a “Meeting Jockey” – that vital engine which drives, conducts, moderates and value adds objectively in business meetings – ensuring 2-3 times more productivity and value. The future of corporate decision making will be inextricably linked to the “Meeting Jockey” – you need to be a part of it!

Over my years of practice, consulting and HR experience, I have noticed that legions of the working population are underperformers – often, despite having the core knowledge, sharpness and intelligence. This malaise of underperformance, frightfully, spans across junior and senior executives, directors and CEOs. Most of their abilities remained in their “heads” and did not translate into tangible work performance. During close interaction with the candidates it was unraveled that they dedicate substantial time to acquiring the core knowledge relevant to their spheres of operation. But, little or no time was expended by them on the skills required to convert their repertoire of knowledge into performance. Result – their high pedigree remained undiscovered to the organization and the external world, in fact, at times even oblivious to the incumbent himself.

A sustained research over two decades has unraveled that an Outstanding Performer needs to master 15+ skills which are vital to deliver an enhanced and top rate performance. We have designed a curriculum and imparted it through workshops to improve upon one’s sluggishness at the keyboard (through a specially devised Keyboard Familiarity Guide) , limited vocabulary (through a unique vocabulary building process), bad pronunciation, lack of communication style, presenting ability, use of memory retention aids, advanced spreadsheet functions, understanding of the logic and compilation of a business plan, ability to visualize and create an MIS, carrying out Management Reviews, working on the big screen – a technique that will revolutionize one’s working within a group etc. We have coined the concept of a “Meeting Jockey” who is a “Manager with Core Knowledge and remarkable Translating Ability”, who objectively drives and documents a group discussion to achieve results far beyond the conventional methods. The “Meeting Jockey” is easily an outstanding performer who goes on to become an indispensable part of the corporate team.

Our workshops serve you a cocktail of diverse skills. A workshop with practical exercises, that strives to make most of its attendees 2-5 times more effective as performers.

For whom are these workshops designed?


The most common sense filled workshop I attended in the recent past. The concept of Meeting Jockey is really good and will definitely help in making meetings more productive.

Sandhya Iyer-Bhide
Chief Alpha, Alpha One Consultants.



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