About Me

I am a Professional Accountant and Company Secretary, I advise corporates, including multinationals, in a variety of management functions involving strategy, formulation of the business plan, brainstorming and conducting management reviews, audit and due diligence, designing the MIS, and evaluating candidates for positions in middle and senior management. I am a Trainer with exposure at different levels – from a lecturer under the Mumbai University, Corporate Trainer, Mentor to CEOs, Directors and Managers, and as a respected Faculty for over 14 years for the CPA course of the USA. I have trained students for debates and elocutions, some of whom have gone on to win championships at the University Level.

Based in Mumbai, I have interacted with a wide spectrum of people ranging from students, executives and managers whether as a Business Consultant, Teacher, Trainer or Interviewer.

Corporate Trainer

Our approach to Corporate Training is to objectively disseminate key skill concepts and provide usable tools for active application of the concepts in the real corporate and business world. These skill concepts and tools are empirically tested for relevance and are vital for the development of the personality and performance of the individual. A composite module of such skill concepts is what we have branded as “TRP” skills – skills that should transform the individual. Our holistic training curriculum focuses on Personality Development and Performance Enhancement of Managers and Businessmen by imparting critical, practical skills. In the end, the imparting of TRP skills and their nurturing through the daily routine of “Riyaaz” should manifest in the manager/businessman being able to very quickly perceive, grasp, analyze, decide and lead in his/her sphere of operation. It is very easy to spot a Performer with high TRP skills as such a person would stand out in terms of the ease, confidence and pace of performance.

Your Core Knowledge will need the following select TRP Skills to effectively, consistently translate into high quality performance:-

  • English language and Retention/Recall Skills – Word/Sentence Power, Mnemonics, Speed Reading, Pronunciation and Presentation Skills.
  • Technical Skills – Big Picture ( For objective decision making), Meeting Jockey ( To multiply meeting productivity), Business Plan, MIS (for a holistic view of the business), HHL (the Hard Honest Look at your business to understand where you stand or do not stand), Advanced Spreadsheet Skills, Legal Orientation, Internal Control, Keyboard Proficiency etc.
  • Riyaaz – that vital daily discipline which will ensure full anchoring of the above skills within you, perpetuation and enhancement over time … a life time.

It is important that all the above skills at high proficiency levels exist in the Manager/Businessman for him/her to be an optimum performer. Through our workshops we ensure this is done in a systematic and objective manner.

The most common sense filled workshop I attended in the recent past. The concept of Meeting Jockey is really good and will definitely help in making meetings more productive.

Sandhya Iyer-Bhide
Chief Alpha, Alpha One Consultants.



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