About Me

I am a Professional Accountant and Company Secretary, I advise corporates, including multinationals, in a variety of management functions involving strategy, formulation of the business plan, brainstorming and conducting management reviews, audit and due diligence, designing the MIS, and evaluating candidates for positions in middle and senior management. I am a Trainer with exposure at different levels – from a lecturer under the Mumbai University,

The most common sense filled workshop I attended in the recent past. The concept of Meeting Jockey is really good and will definitely help in making meetings more productive.

Sandhya Iyer-Bhide
Chief Alpha, Alpha One Consultants.

The financial analytical tools that I learnt in Ajoy Basu's workshop are very useful as owner of business. It helps to keep grip over the functioning of business.

Shriram Nijsure
MD of 2 companies from Automobile Service Industry.

Objective Decision making is very crucial in any role that one plays in business. The template for decision making and other learning materials provided in the workshop are definitely very valuable.

Mangesh Patole
Business Head, Vedant Group of Companies.

The best thing that I feel in the workshop is how to present yourself professionally in front of clients. The keyboard skills and communication skills guidance were excellent.

Abhijeet Mule
Sales Executive.

This workshop, truly helped me identify my 'resources' and I'm now better equipped to 'transform' them into better 'performance'. Thank you Ajoy!

Sachin Mulge
MD, Auto Inspectorate India.


Be the “Complete Manager” – a Performer Extraordinaire

Cash Management Tool

How To Prepare A Cash Forecast?

The Big Picture

Improve Your Decision Making

Meeting Jockey

Make Your Meetings More Productive

Advanced Excel Skills

Skills To Enhance Your Analytical Abilities

Legal Orientation

Evaluate Legal Documents Via A Checklist


Hard Honest Look At Your Business

Business Plan

Learn How to Create A Business Plan


Learn To Design A Holistic MIS

Keyboard Proficiency

Master Keyboard Navigation

Internal Control

Understand Control Environment & Activities

Corporate Communication, Retention & Recall Skills


Learn to “shrink” voluminous information for easier recall

Sentence Power

How to instantly cast ideas into sentences for seamless expressive power


The words, sentences can be recalled and expressed instantly, but the right pronunciation makes the difference to the listener

Public Speaking

How do you confidently address from the pulpit? Learn the nuances of posture, gesture, articulation, eye contact, voice modulation etc.

Word Power

Learn to instantly recall synonyms - such as mistake, error, oversight…

Speed Reading

Go through reams of data rapidly and capture their essence

Listening Skills

Capturing the essence of a speech through “selective, empathic and active hearing”


Personality Development

Develop your Personality through sustained pursuit of TRP Skills. Be Self Assertive, emerge from the shadows.. with self confidence


30 minutes of “Riyaaz” a day substantially enhances your ability to understand, memorize and recall vital text and numerical rapidly. “Riyaaz” of TRP Skills is a proven tool for self empowerment



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